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What Permissions Do We Need?

There are various permissions that the typical church building project will need to satisfy in order for the project to proceedRead about our ideas.

VAT and Church Buildings

20% on top of the construction cost is a lot more money to raise! Here is a guide to limiting the amount of VAT you pay. Read about our ideas.

10 Tips for Finding the Right Builder

Finding the right builder has a huge impact on the completed project, so this choice is a key decision. Read about our ideas.

How to Write a Statement of Signficance

A Statement of Significance is essential for any historic building – find out how to write one here Read about our ideas.


“Once again thanks for the information that you have made available for us. Bless what you’re doing in Church transformation.” Rev Will Leaf


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How Will Our Project Grow?

Most building projects go through the same basic stages. It is good to understand how these different stages fit together. Read about our ideas.

Who’s Who – Building a Winning Team

Many different people may need to be involved in your project, knowing who the key players are and what they do is important. Read about our ideas.

Funding your Church Building Project

Church projects will often be funded from a variety of sources; this guide looks at the typical range. Read about our ideas.

How To Write a Statement of Need

A Statement of Need sets out the thinking behind proposed changes to your building. Find out how to write one…